How to master anything in a week

Drums. Surfing. Poker. More.

By The Editors
April 28, 2015 9:00 am

There’s something to be said for picking up a new skill.

Foremost, the feeling that, as a man, you’ve become more complete. More hireable. More interesting at dinner parties.

Few people we know are more singularly obsessed with this feeling than consummate lifehacker Tim Ferriss, a man who gets more done in four hours than most do in a week.

Today, Tim’s releasing a new TV show called the Tim Ferriss Experiment.

Each episode (13 in all) sees Tim enlist the help of a world-class coach to learn everything from lock-picking to parkour in one week.

These coaches come with a pedigree. The Police drummer Stewart Copeland. Big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton. Poker legend Phil Gordon.

Give it a watch.

Like what you see? We’re gonna fly one of you out to SF to partake in one of Tim’s “experiments” with the man himself.

To enter, email us at Is there a skill you’ve always wanted to master? Guitar? Jiu-jitsu? Bocce?

Tell us about that skill.

Why you want to learn it. Why you haven’t already. How it’ll benefit you.

Bonus points for brevity.

We’ll sift through the answers, pick our favorite, and invite the chap who wrote it to accompany us on a trip to San Francisco.

We’ll train for a day with one of Tim’s expert coaches and then hit a party filled with his Rolodex of virtuosos from around the globe.

We can’t promise you’ll be the most interesting man at that party.

But it’s a start.

Full contest rules here


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