Stunt and Center

By The Editors
February 12, 2013 9:00 am

Readers of a certain age and predilection will remember “The Fall Guy” — that bit of early ‘80s TV cheesecakery starring Lee Majors as a Stetson-wearing, skirt-chasing, GMC-wrecking stuntman.

Giving you all that action (though unfortunately, none of the Farrah Fawcett): Stunt Ranch, an Austin-based compound that helps non-actors recreate their favorite action scenes, taking reservations now.

Basically, you’ll be running through explosions. Falling from great heights. And shooting stuff.

Or, as 25-year stunt vet/owner Steve Wolf puts it, “experiences that enhance one’s sense of optimism, adventure and courage.” 

So go ahead and pick your danger:

  • Action Hero Training School: Act out a Hollywood scenario that involves dodging explosions, zipping over high ground, big falls and gunplay.
  • Pyro School: Learn how the Hollywood pros play with fire and blow things up.
  • Bomb Recognition and Reaction: More of a real-life safety course, this tutorial (unlisted on their site) helps people recognize potential bombs (like “Die Hard 5” … hey-o!). Also: you blow things up.

Stunt Ranch also offers high-fall airbags, “intense” paintball and firearms training.

And for the kids: tyke-friendly pyro shows, ziplines, a week-long stunt summer camp and even “mountains of foam.”

Because nothing’s a more life-affirming adventure than bubbles, fall guy.


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