More Sailing. Less Hassle.

Formally known as "fractional sailboat ownership"

By The Editors
August 31, 2015 9:00 am

How many times have you looked across the Bay, seen the sailboats, and thought to yourself:

Hey, I should do that.

But like a 10-year-old’s pony, owning a sailboat is more trouble than it’s worth.

Where to keep it. How to maintain it. Why it costs a four-letter-word-inducing amount of money to do either of those things.

We have a solution, and it’s called SailTime.

SailTime offers “fractional membership” of its fleet of sailboats. Think ZipCar, but on the water.

A classic-level membership includes seven sails per month, while a “lite” membership provides two.

Rates depend on the boat selected — a classic membership with a three-cabin Beneteau 38 is $995 per month. A lite-level Marlow Hunter 36 is half that. Here’s the fleet in full.

What you don’t get is just as impressive as what you do. No gas bills. No maintenance fees.

Plus it includes a SeaTow membership with Vessel Assist Towing Service.

More benefits, fewer worries.

Didn’t grow up around boats? SailTime offers American Sailing Association courses and certifications.

Tired of sailing the Bay?

We doubt that will happen — but SailTime’s S.F. location is just one of dozens across the country, and your membership buys you access to all of them.

Life is better on the water. Ideally out of cell phone range.

Get sailing.

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