Sailing and Skiing Above the Arctic Circle

February 7, 2017 5:00 am

Sailing and skiing are not often said in the same sentence or done in the same day. Yet a group of adventurers recently did exactly that on what would be the trip of a lifetime for many.

Norway offers this unique opportunity in its fjords region, where athletes have access to both mountains and glaciers. A group of filmmakers and skiers, with travel writer Perri Rosenberg among them, chartered a Lagoon 450 catamaran through the Norwegian fjords during the spring in 2016. Each day, the intrepid skiers would disembark from the boat—which doubled as their home base—for adventures awaiting them in the pristine wilderness above the Arctic Circle. The group skied glaciers; hiked mountains; and fished for halibut just north of Tromso, Norway, over the course of eight days. For a dose of a beautiful arctic scenery with a dash of thrill, watch the video below.


To learn more about this epic journey, read Rosenberg’s take here.

RealClearLife Staff


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