Fact: Off-Roading Is Better in a Vintage Defender

Land Rover's new Heritage program is bringing out the classics

September 19, 2017 9:00 am

We can tell you with certainty that by age 30 or 40, things don’t quite run like they used to. 

Thankfully, that’s a sentiment not true for Land Rover. 

Because the 4×4 heroes have just launched the Heritage Program, which puts you and you (and hopefully me), behind the wheel of a fleet of classic Land Rovers, including the iconic Defender 90, starting at $1200.

Granted, we had a hunch this was coming down the pike. When we recently visited their Asheville, NC Off-Road Experience, we caught wind of a fine collection of vintage rides hanging about.

The drives themselves may not be new: the Heritage Program takes guests traversing the off-road tracks for a half or full-day adventure in Land Rover’s Carmel, Vermont or North Carolina centers. But the real draw here is driving around in serious style. Namely, you’ll have the the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Defender, which was previously only available to be driven at one of Land Rover’s international experience centers. 

All in, it’s a serious testament to Land Rover that these classic rides can still handle all-terrain like a champ.

I think that’s what they call old man strength.


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