The Most Fun You Can Have on Two Wheels

The annual Quail Motorcycle Classic comes to Carmel

May 5, 2017 9:00 am

Do you like things that go fast? 

Beautiful, shapely masterworks built for speed, adventure, and fun? 

Is it maybe time to bring a motorcycle into your life? 

We think … yeah. 

Which is why we’re heading to Carmel this weekend — for a once-a-year exhibition of the most incredible motorcycle engineering on Earth. 

Coming with us? Set your course for the ninth annual Quail Motorcycling Gathering

Show up on Friday, and set off on the “Quail Ride” across the Monterey Peninsula. 

Stick around for Saturday, and take a close look at the best rare, collectible, and vintage motorcycles. 

Stay over for Sunday, and test ride some of Honda’s best new bikes. 

Tickets? They’re still available. 

Our advice? Make a beeline for our friends at Bello Moto, purveyors of fine Italian scooters. Find them at the Quail Lodge, where they’ll be showing classic European models. 

And plan on going home with a new set of wheels. 


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