Balloon Will Take You to the Edge of Space and Back for $75K

Piloted vehicle soars 20 miles high above the earth

April 24, 2016 5:45 am

What if you could be an astronaut without any specialized flight training? That’s what the brains behind World View want to bring the average space enthusiast. Per the company, travelers will be able to launch into the cosmos in one of its World View Voyagers (see pictures above), a high-tech capsule sent skyward by a helium-powered balloon. The vertical ascent lasts about two hours and reaches an altitude of just over 100,000 feet, almost 20 miles high above the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Each capsule has its share of creature comforts, including a minibar and real-time social media hookups, so space tourists can share their high-flying experience with all their friends. Ticket packages begin at $75,000.

Get in line now for the experience of a lifetime.

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