Virgin Atlantic Is Adding Cozy Drinking Booths to Some Flights

For a few A350 flights headed to sunnier destinations, the airline has crafted an immersive "social space" built for two

Two passengers on Virgin Atlantic ordering drinks in "The Booth," a new immersive social space on some A350 aircraft
"The Booth" is a new immersive social space on some Virgin Atlantic A350 aircraft
Virgin Atlantic

Air travel used to be glamorous — they even broke out the fine china.

But the big trade-off for more flights and cheaper fares was a loss of elegance. But Virgin Atlantic is taking a very small step in bringing back an elevated experience with The Booth, a new “social space” on their A350 aircraft.

Available for Upper Class passengers, the airline describes the The Booth as “a cosy corner that provides comfy, lounge-style seating for two, separated by a table. The styling and finishes, which include luxurious leather seats and almond gold highlights, are designed to be in tune with the airline’s award-winning Loft space featured across the main A350 fleet.”

"The Booth," a new immersive social space on some A350 aircraft
The screens in The Booth will change depending on time of day and the route
Virgin Atlantic

Essentially, it’s a small booth that works as a drinks table for two. During its launch, the setting will be available for jets flying to sunnier leisure destinations (Heathrow to Orlando starting in December, with Barbados arriving soon after). As Corneel Koster, Chief Customer and Operations Officer at Virgin Atlantic, noted: “I’m delighted that we’ve curated The Booth specifically for our customers jetting off on holiday to our sunny destinations, such as Orlando, offering a truly stylish start to their trips.” (Virgin Atlantic has always dedicated effort to their drinks side — a few years back, their Clubhouse lounges partnered with some of the world’s best bars to create a cocktail menu.)

The Booth features two 27” touch screen monitors, and they’ll be reportedly tailored to the route and time of day (they’ll also showcase a digital art gallery, plus a tail and belly cam of the aircraft). And there’s speculation that passengers may be able to reserve the Booth for face-to-face drinks or dinner.

As The Drinks Business notes, Virgin Atlantic’s A350 and its Boeing 787 already house a separate communal bar for Upper Class customers … who are getting those drinks for free, which is a perk you won’t find in the non-premium classes of other airlines, especially nowadays.


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