Sand and Deliver

Stay in the world’s first sandcastle hotel

By The Editors
October 4, 2015 9:00 am
Sand and Deliver

Build a sandcastle?

Kid stuff.

Sleep in a sandcastle?

Now that’s some grown-up fun.

And you’ll find it at the Netherlands’ Zand Hotels, a pair of handsomely appointed, life-size sandcastles constructed to celebrate annual sand-sculpting festivals in the towns of Sneek, Friesland and Oss. Inspired by Sweden’s ice hotels, one of the temporary lodgings is modeled after the Bedrock homes from The Flintstones, the other Ancient China, with a design featuring dragons, the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army as decorations.

Promising you’ll be staying in a “magical world of sand,” the walls of the Zand castles are crafted from reinforced sand and concrete — so you won’t have to worry about being washed away.


The furniture is all built from normal, non-sand-based materials. Plus, some nice amenities: WiFi, running water, electricity and even a bottle of Prosecco. All for about $170 per night. The organizers call it a “sand tastic experience.”

Bad news — aside from the terrible sand puns — is that the hotels are booked for the year. Good news: they’re coming back next year, with possible additional pop-ups situated throughout Europe.

Get your sand dollars ready.

h/t Oddity CentralAtlas Obscura


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