Heaven Is This Private Arctic Compound in Norway

Which means that heaven is also a place you can rent

January 12, 2018 9:00 am

A veritable commune to yourself? Check.

Unparallelled views of the Northern Lights? Check.

Wifi? Uh … don’t count on it.

Located in the far north of Norway’s Arctic archipelago on the island of Fleinvaer, the nine-cabin Fordypningsrommet retreat is about as isolated of a vacation destination as you can ask for.

An 18-mile ferry ride away from the closest store, restaurant or road, the compound boasts four cabins for sleeping (12 people total) while the remaining five serve as a kitchen, studio, sauna, bathroom and a “place of inspiration” — aka a lookout tower with great sightlines.

Cabins (4 images)

Made from reclaimed wood, glass and dull metal, the cabins in the “mono-functional cluster of houses” are all minimalist in nature, as are the accommodations they provide. That’s the point of the place, as Fordypningsrommet’s founder — musician and composer Håvard Lund — first envisioned it as a prime spot for a digital detox.

“We do it the easiest way and shut the router,” according to Fordypningsrommet’s website. “Competition in counting satellites. Acknowledge your eyes as the best camera, and your memory and your words as the best tools for storytelling. Download the last version of yourself out in our ocean sanctuary. For free.”

Well, it’s actually not free, as it costs about $4,000 to rent the place for a week (rates vary depending on the time of year and individual cabins are available on a very limited basis).

Wanna get away … from wifi?


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