This Is How Air Travel Is Meant to Be

Lucky couple experiences the ultimate flight

September 9, 2016 9:00 am

What do you hope for when you step on a plane? 

A safe arrival. 

A prompt take-off. 

A seat as far as possible from an emotionally and/or gastronomically distressed infant and its emotionally overwrought minders. 

Enough space in the overhead to get your bag in there before the flight attendants start eyeing it up for a gate-check. 

A seat free of crumbs. 

And maybe, if you’re lucky, an empty seat to either side. 

British tourists Carrie Fisher and Kyle McNicol hit the aviation jackpot on their Firefly jaunt between the Thai island of Krabi and Penang, Malaysia. 

An empty flight

Basically, they flew private at economy rates. 

Unfortunately, the trip was only an hour long. But that didn’t stop the pair from trying out a variety of seats and performing a slug dance up the aisle. 

Consider it an unlikely blessing from the fickle travel gods. 


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