17 American Campsites You Can Still Book for Labor Day

It's not too late to recharge those batteries, people

August 30, 2017 9:00 am

Summer went by so fast that some of us never had time to properly plan a Labor Day getaway. Or, you know, we’re just chronic procrastinators by nature. Who can really tell the difference?

But if there’s one expedition you can still pull off last minute, it’s a camping trip. Here to help you do that with great ease: Hipcamp, the veritable Airbnb for campgrounds.

They have plenty of great sites still on offer, but we’ve compiled 17 choice selection from some of our favorite parts of the country below.

If you’re in Northern California and you wanna …

Sit in tall trees: Bullfrog Pond Campground is in smack in the middle of a redwood forest.
Paddle, surf and do yoga: Jug Handle Creek Farm sits on a pristine beach and offers daily morning yoga.
Go hiking and climbing: Creekside Camp has hiking trails and climbing routes along river canyon walls.

If you’re in Southern California and you wanna…

Go horseback riding: Try Organic Goat Farm, where you can stay in a trailer.
Go rock climbing in the bouldering capital of the world: Desert Mountain Majesty is a hidden camping spot in Joshua Tree.
Go four-wheeling in the Mojave Desert: A Bar and a Tent In the Desert is a hardcore camping destination with lots of room to roam.

If you’re in Oregon and you wanna…

Clock some peaceful bird watching: Teal Creek Camping, along a pristine river, will suit your fancy.
Dom some leisurely hiking and wine tasting: Fern School Farm is a campsite on private land near wine country.
The above but with paddling and climbing: Breathtaking Sanctuary is another one in wine country that’s close to some climbing routes and a river.

If you’re in New York and you wanna…

Hike some gentle hills: Boulder Point Campsite is secluded and stunning.  
Eat well and watch outdoor movies: Healing Farm Camp screens movies and grows their own food.
Go swimming or sailing on a lake: Majestic Mustang Stables has both, and a private farm to boot.

If you’re in Michigan and you wanna…

Go lake fishing and boating: This Organic Farm near Ann Arbor abuts a lake.
Do an easy hike and bird watch: The Camp at Big Head Farm is a nice, quiet site on private land.
Hike to a waterfall: Sector 12 has a trail that’ll take you to one. A pretty big one.

If you’re in North Carolina and you wanna…

Go paddling or climbing: Rise Up Rooted Farm and River Camp is near the Broad River, one of the best kayaking spots in the country. Listen for banjos, though.
Mountain bike through the Blue Ridge Mountains: Apple Orchard Tent Camping is on private land right in the National Park.


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