George Harrison’s Childhood Home Is Officially Live on Airbnb

The Beatles legend and his family moved into the property in 1950 when George was just 6 years old

George Harrison’s Childhood Home Is Officially Live on Airbnb

The terrace house at 25 Upton Green in Speke, Liverpool is pretty nondescript. It’s got three bedrooms and just one bath, yet the new-to-Airbnb property is listed at £200 night (roughly $257). That’s due, not to the grandioseness of the abode, but rather to who used to live there.

From 1950 to 1962, the townhouse in question belonged to none other Beatles legend George Harrison — or, more specifically, Harrison’s family, as 25 Upton Green was his childhood home. Later, it would also became a place of rehearsal for Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon as The Quarrymen, and then eventually the Beatles, too. And now, thanks to one New Hampshire man, you can actually stay there.

After placing a bid in an online auction, Ken Lambert — who is, per a report from The Portsmouth Herald, “just a normal person” with a family and mortgage — purchased the home for £171,000, (or roughly $223,000) last November. Since then Lambert has been preparing the property to be listed on Airbnb so that other Beatles fans might share in the splendor.

“Beatles and George Harrison superfans!” the listing reads. “There is much in Liverpool to help you experience the Beatles, but nothing quite like this.”

According to Omega’s Auction website, the Harrisons lived in the house from the time George was six until he turned 12. After they moved in 1962, it was bought by another family who stayed for 40 years. In 2014, the house sold again and was rented to regular tenants, though — unlike Lennon and McCartney’s childhood homes, which are public attractions owned by the National Trust in the United Kingdom — it’s gone relatively unnoticed until now.

“The fun thing about this is that I’m trying to open up George’s house a bit to fans,” Lambert told The Herald. “That before now wasn’t available at all.”

In an effort to keep things as historically accurate as possible, Lambert, in partnership with a property manager, sourced inspiration from a number of old photographs and tracked down period-appropriate furniture and decor. In the living room, where the Fab Four is said to have practiced, he also added a record player and an acoustic guitar.

“I wanted to do it for myself, to play the guitar and play the Beatles in the room the Beatles played guitar,” Lambert said. “That really is a cool thing for people to experience.”

You can check out the listing here.


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