This US Airline Is Going to Offer an Unlimited Travel Pass

Frontier Airlines' GoWild! program, arriving in 2023, offers some interesting perks but some important caveats

A Frontier Airlines flight prepares to land at Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado, US, on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Frontier will offer an unlimited travel plan in 2023 for select travelers
Would you pay for an unlimited travel pass on Frontier?
Daniel Brenner/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Frontier Airlines is about to introduce an unlimited travel pass, but the actual details of this all-you-can-fly deal suggest it might not be that great of a deal.

The budget airline will offer the GoWild! pass starting in spring 2023. A limited number of passes will be available at a discounted rate, though details on the quantity and price are currently not disclosed. As for why Frontier is offering this deal: According to the airline, five million seats flew empty in 2021. This is simply a way for them to fill seats…and that comes at a cost for passengers (see below).

Frontier suggests GoWild! pass members will receive unlimited flights, access to all Frontier destinations, confirmed bookings, “complete flexibility” and flights available 300+ days per year.

But now, the fine print. As the travel site One Mile at a Time points out, “Not only will there be 60+ days worth of blackout dates, but on top of that travel can only be confirmed the day before departure, so you really can’t consistently rely on this to get anywhere.” As well, Frontier makes a lot of money not by tickets but through fees, so these aren’t really “free” flights unless you plan to travel with no luggage and no advance seat selection. Also, you have to fly Frontier, which never scores highly in customer satisfaction.

If none of that is a deterrent, you can sign up for more information on Frontier’s GoWild! plan here.


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