Find This Man in the Airport and He’ll Give You His First Class Seat

Gilbert Ott is setting up the ultimate scavenger hunt.

August 4, 2017 5:00 am

Gilbert Ott, the man behind the travel blog, God Save the Points, is giving travelers a pretty sweet deal: Find him at any airport and he’ll give you his first or business class seat.

Ott’s blog gives travel points hacks, tips for accruing airline miles and ticket deals. But now, in an ode to Richard Branson’s publicity stunts, Time reports, Ott will give up his luxury airplane seats to anyone who recognizes him in the airport.

It doesn’t matter where you find him, it could be at the check in counter, security line, terminal, lounge, or even the boarding gate. Once you find him, he will switch seats with you, provided that you’re on the same flight as him.

This promotion is going on until December 31. For a better chance of finding Ott, Time recommends skulking around the airline lounge or buying a day pass, because his buisness or first-class seat will provide complimentary access to that lounge.

You can keep an eye on God Save the Points website or Ott’s Twitter page for teasers about his upcoming flights and destinations.

Plus, if you don’t have upcoming travel plans, you can still win business class tickets from home. If you comment on the God Save the Points post with some feedback, travelers can enter themselves in contest. The prize? Two business class tickets to select destinations in the U.S. or Europe.


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