The Sensational “Field of Light” Installation Is Now on View in Paso Robles

Ever hiked through 60,000 spheres of multicolored light?

Bruce Munro Field of Light Paso Robles
Bruce Munro's "Field of Light" installation has landed in California for the first time.
Bruce Munro / Sensorio

Remember the superbloom?

There’s something even better now illuminating the California landscape — complete with not-too-expensive ticketed entrance (read: no overcrowding), a bar and “58,800 stemmed spheres lit by fiber-optics, gently illuminating the landscape in subtle blooms of morphing color that describe the undulating landscape.”

You’ve literally never seen anything like this.

English artist Bruce Munro earned tons of attention for Field of Light when it first debuted in Australia’s Outback, beneath the sacred Uluru monolith: seven football fields illuminated by 50,000 lighted spheres. It’s not too late to go, in fact: that exhibition, officially titled “Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku,” or “Looking at Lots of Beautiful Lights” in the local Pitjantjatjara dialect, is on display until December 2020.

Serena Munro/Instagram/@brucemunrostudio

However, if you’d prefer to skip 22 hours of flight time, we have a new option, closer to home.

Munro has brought a version of his piece to Paso Robles. It’s even bigger than the Uluru installation, with 15 hillside acres covered in shimmering lights. Fittingly, the exhibition opens in the evening — 7:30 in June and July. Be there for sunset, obviously.

Tickets are now available from $37 (fees included). No tripods, and sadly picnic dinners aren’t permitted, though food and drinks will be available on the premises.

There may be no better, trippier idea for how to spend your summer.


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