Faster Internet Service is Coming to Some Regional Airlines

American Airlines announced wifi upgrades to its regional flights

American Eagle regional jet
Traveling on a regional flight? Your internet might be faster soon.
American Airlines

Just a few years ago, internet connectivity when flying could be maddeningly inconsistent: sometimes you might get fantastic wifi, while at others you might find yourself struggling to connect. That situation has improved over time, but regional jets have been a notable exception; that said, even those are now beginning to catch up to their larger counterparts.

Earlier this year, Alaska Airlines announced plans to upgrade its regional jets’ wifi; a few months later, Delta did the same. And now, it’s American Airlines’ turn. This week, the airline revealed that it will upgrade the wifi service on 500 of its regional aircraft, a process that will begin next year. The goal, American shared in its announcement, is for the speed and quality to be consistent across its network, whether you’re on a regional flight or something larger.

American Airlines will be working with Intelsat on this expansion of its service. Besides American Airlines, the company in question has also worked with the likes of Aerolíneas Argentinas and Air Canada, among others. American Airlines expects that the expansion will take place “[o]ver the next two years.”

It isn’t hard to see why American (or, for that matter, Delta and Alaska) have sought to upgrade the wifi experience for travelers flying on their regional service. A 2022 CNN article revealed that multiple airlines have seen more than a million passengers use wifi each month, and the market is anticipated to grow in the coming years. And if reliable wifi on a given flight is the deciding factor that could prompt a traveler to book with a given airline, these expansions of wireless service could be a wise investment for the coming years.


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