Australia Will Probably Remain Closed to International Travelers This Year

Most new coronavirus cases have come from returning travelers

SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images

While the number of cases of COVID-19 remains low in Australia, the country will probably not allow back international tourists until 2021.

There will be exceptions for international students and people with extended stays, according to Simon Birmingham. “We can simply work through the 14-day quarantine periods that have worked so well in terms of returning Australians to this country safely,” Birmingham said in a speech to the National Press Club (as reported by Skift).

Australia has had over 7,300 cases of coronavirus, and 102 people have died from the disease in the country. Community transmission is still going on; the area of Victoria saw cases rise by 21 this week, the largest single-day increase since May — though most of the new cases were from returning travelers.

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That ban may only apply to our side of the world, however. A “travel bubble” that could include trips to and from New Zealand, Singapore and some Pacific islands has been discussed, and “essential business travel” may also get an early exemption.
If you need to travel overseas, there’s always Iceland or Cyprus.

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