24-Year-Old Travels World On Smuggled Rideshare Bike

Chris Astill-Smith dodged airport security on four continents to film himself on his journey for charity.

May 7, 2017 5:00 am

Not only did 24-year-old Chris Astill-Smith smuggle a rideshare bike (or, if you’re a Londoner, a Boris bike) onto a plane in his checked luggage, he rode it all over the world.

Astill-Smith and filmmaker Alex Tyrwhitt flew to New York first, where airport security was a bit tighter than Heathrow.

“Strangely no questions were asked at Heathrow,” Astill-Smith said, but upon his arrival in New York, “there were so many questions — why do you have it? What kind of bike is it? I managed to convince them it was just my bike, and I was taking it around to do some filming.”

New York was just a launch pad, though, for a much longer trek. Astill-Smith and Tyrwhitt’s three-week trip saw them visit seven cities in four continents. Tyrwhitt filmed Astill-Smith riding that bike everywhere they went.

The stunt was ultimately a fundraising effort. Astill-Smith is raising money for the Dreams Come True charity, and all the bicycle footage was turned into a video promoting Astill-Smith’s upcoming 35 km across the English Channel.

Watch more in the video below.


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