Watch: Jack White and Jimmy Fallon End “Tonight Show” Sketch in (Fake) Fisticuffs

Also includes the strangest game of chess ever played

Jack White
Jack White ponders the intricacies of grape chess.

Jack White: he’s known for his music, for occasional forays into acting and for running a successful record label, but is it time for him to add one more talent to an already stacked resume? “Jack White, pugilist” does have a nice ring to it, after all — as does “Jack White, chessmaster.” 

Last night on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, a sketch demonstrated White’s penchant for chess as well as his underrated fighting skills

The sketch depicted White and Fallon facing off in a game of chess. Each was clad in a vintage suit, and the room that hosted their game was an elegant space; you just know there was a bottle of aged single malt somewhere in there.

As the match intensified, White opted for an unorthodox method of finishing off his opponent — namely, reaching across the board and decking Fallon.

That wasn’t the only unexpected element of the game: the chessboard on which the two men played wasn’t populated with an elegant and hand-carved chess set, but instead featured a number of grapes set on the squares.

As absurdist comedic sketches featuring grapes are concerned, it wasn’t quite up to the level of Key & Peele’s “Continental Breakfast” — but then, what is? 

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