Kevin Spacey Posts Another “House of Cards”-Themed Christmas Video

Apparently this is a tradition now

Kevin Spacey tends to the burning embers of his career in a new video.

Once upon a time, if you thought of Kevin Spacey and Christmas, the first thing that came to mind would probably have been The Ref, a gloriously bleak 1994 comedy in which he co-starred along with Denis Leary and Judy Davis. But that was a long time ago, before Spacey’s long history of sexual misconduct had come to light and his career self-destructed as a result.

Now, Spacey seems bound and determined to create a new Christmas tradition, and it’s incredibly weird. Last year, you may remember, Spacey posted a bizarre video of himself reprising his House of Cards character to YouTube. And this year, he’s done it again.

Variety reports that Spacey has posted another video of himself in character as House of Cards lead Frank Underwood. In this one, he posed the question, “You didn’t really think I was going to miss the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, did you?”

One thinks that most people would respond to that with a resounding, “Yes, Kevin Spacey, we did think that; why are you on YouTube again?”

The whole thing resembles nothing quite so much as a bizarre performance art project, potentially bolstered by the fact that Spacey’s most recent public appearance was actually at an art museum

There was a time when a new Kevin Spacey performance might have been greeted appreciatively and considered a gift for those who enjoy acting. Now, however, this video falls more in the metaphorical “lump of coal” category. 

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