Summer Style Primer 2018

The Summer Style Primer 2018

7 menswear mavens name the season's most underrated garment

We at InsideHook have always favored a summer ensemble that consists of naught but a pair of swim trunks, sunglasses and a self-satisfied smile.

But for those days that getting dressed is required, we bring you our Summer Style Primer, filled to the salted rim with all manner of dog-day duds.

Assisting us? A veritable murderer’s row of seven notably stylish individuals, who’ve stepped into answer a most pressing query: "What is the one underrated or un-obvious thing that every dude should have in his summer wardrobe?"

From actors to Pro Bowlers to the lady who dresses The Rock and Donald Glover, these are folks whose opinions you’ll want to heed. And should you need some ideas on what to pair with each of their selections, we went ahead and included some suggestions for that as well.

The 2018 Summer Style Primer
Finley Esquire Sunglasses

Finley Esquire Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples Eyewear


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Summer Style Primer 2018 - Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Summer Style Primer 2018 Travis Kelce
Summer Style Primer 2018 - Danny Agnew
Summer Style Primer 2018 - David Coggins
Summer Style Primer 2018 - John Totolis
Cotton Two-Button Sportcoat

Cotton Two-Button Sportcoat

Ermenegildo Zegna


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Suede Penny Loafers

Suede Penny Loafers

Di Bianco


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Summer Style Primer 2018 Billy Reid

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