The Most Interesting Thing About the Super Bowl Was Adam Levine’s Rolex

Or maybe it was all the unreleased Air Jordans?

February 4, 2019 9:00 am

If you’d asked me last night what was the most redeeming element of Super Bowl LIII’s car wreck endless traffic jam of a halftime show, I’d have told you without hesitation it was the three pairs of unreleased Jordans being rocked by Adam Levine, Travis Scott and Big Boi. (More info on those here, here and here if you’re interested.)

But it turns out I was so distracted by the shoes that I missed the most impressive accessory on display: As pointed out by the watch savants over at Hodinkee, Adam Levine was wearing a Rolex Rainbow Daytona, one of the hardest-to-find watches in the world and one that, if you were to pick it up today, would set you back a cool $323,000.

Technically impressive though it may be, it is, of course, a hideous, gaudy mess and thus a perfectly appropriate choice for Levine, who was at his most hideous and gaudy last night. Surprisingly, he usually has pretty great, understated taste — at least when it comes to his wrist, anyway. 

Top photo courtesy Jamie Squire/Getty; bottom photo courtesy Rolex

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