Sun Dials

The Three Watches You Need This Summer

By The Editors
June 15, 2016 9:00 am

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ick thy feet up and raise your mojitos high, gentlemen — summer is finally, gloriously in full swing.
And with it: all manner of social situation for which an enterprising chap should be boning up on his summertime sartorial acumen.

To that end, we teamed up with our friends at Gucci on a handy primer to help you look your sharpest no matter where the season takes you. From the office to the weekend to the wedding of that pal who finally decided to take the plunge, we’ve built three killer looks — all beginning with a handsome time-teller for your tanned wrist.

Read on and dress well.

Summer Wedding Rule #31: Do not, under any circumstances, be the guy sweating it out in a repurposed navy office suit. Warm-weather nuptials are the perfect excuse to grab an elegant two-tone metal watch with a chic, streamlined dial and then pair it with that lightweight, light-colored kit you’ve had your eye on. Church up the lot with some snazzy details, like a contrast collar shirt and a pair of top-notch loafers. Post-wedding, throw this ensemble into your regular work rotation to take it up a notch. Two birds, one stylish stone.


GUCCI / $1025


Contrary to popular belief, “casual” need not be an excuse to break out the tee/jeans/sneakers trifecta. Instead, use it as an opportunity to throw a more fashion-forward item or two (or three) into the vestiary mix. Start with a leather-strapped timepiece with a dial that’ll turn a few heads. Add a natty blazer with some unexpected detailing. Some denim with a little extra personality under the hem. Then top things off with a pair of GTH loafers. Let ‘em know that your definition of casual is “different from the norm, but no less dapper.”


GUCCI / $1,100


Amazing what a little extra detailing and color coordination can do to your average weekend getup. Some subtle embroidery to punch up those standard chino shorts? Why not. An eye-catching print on the back of that windbreaker? Bring it on. A little technicolor oomph on those sneakers that vibes with your colors up top? All of which vibe with that natty nato strap on your wrist? Now you’re just showing off. In the best possible way.


GUCCI / $950


Shot on location at Brooklyn’s McCarren Hotel and Pool, where your pals at InsideHook highly recommend a stay (or even just a relaxing sun and swim session) — gorgeous rooms, friendliest staff around, and killer food and drink from rooftop cocktails with stunning Manhattan views to top-notch modern American grub at the newly-opened Oleanders downstairs.

Photography by Driely S.