The Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb Is the X Games’ Newest Spectacle

Old-school Harleys on ice. What could go wrong?

January 26, 2018 9:00 am

After X Games snowboarders like Shaun White and skiers like Maddie Bowman are finished with the SuperPipe in Aspen, the course will welcome a first-time competitor: Harley Davidson.

The final event of this year’s games, the Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb will require riders to mount a Harley and race to the top of the SuperPipe. The rules of winning the new medaled event are fairly simple: first one up wins.

Since it’s taking place on snow, each one of the event’s eight competitors will ride a custom version of one of the choppermaker’s Sportster bikes that’s been modified with an extended swing-arm wide frame and given a high-torque, twin-cylinder motor.

While the pairing of old-school Harleys with the new-school X Games may seem a bit odd at first, H-D is hopeful the new event will help introduce their bikes to a different audience.

“When the X Games wanted to continue their tradition of bringing fresh, new and uniquely different action sports to their audiences, we got inspired to show how some of our riders have modified their motorcycles to ride on the ice and in the snow,” H-D director of marketing Scott Beck told the Milwaukee Business Journal. “It’s an interesting way to challenge people of all ages to see H-D differently.”

To catch the preliminary rounds live, stay tuned to Harley’s Facebook page. If all you’re interested in is seeing who gets the gold, the medal rounds of the climb will air live on January 28th at 10:45 p.m. ET on ESPN.

To hear more about the event from someone who knows, check out racer Josh Mueller’s video:

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