BASE Jumper Sets World Record With 61 Jumps in 24 Hours

A BASE jumper swooped down a canyon an incredible 61 times in 24 hours to land the world record for the most jumps in a day.

Danny Weiland, 31, from Denver, Colorado, climbed higher than Mount Everest to break the record, as after each jump he had to scale a 486-foot canyon wall to return to the jumping bridge.

In total, he climbed 29,646 feet to repeatedly leap back down to the Snake River. All the while he was cheered on by fellow BASE jumpers.

Danny said: “Last year I did 30 jumps for my 30th birthday, and it planted the seed in my mind. I thought if I just trained hard, I could do 60.”

Weiland said it was keeping his adrenaline levels up the entire time. “Halfway through my energy dropped down to nothing as I was not eating enough to keep me going. But I had a team of 20 friends come together to help me and the emotional support was incredible.”

The record didn’t pass without a little sadness. Said Weiland: “My best friend and mentor passed away after a bridge jump accident this year, and he was the only person I wanted to be there to see it.”

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