Tiger Woods at 2019 PGA Championship. (GettyImages)
Tiger Woods at 2019 PGA Championship. (GettyImages)
Getty Images

Asked About Missing PGA Championship Cut, Tiger Woods Bites Back

Perspective, people

When life gives you lemons, you know what to do: make lemonade. Or, when you’re Tiger Woods, squeeze out the perfect answer to a reporter’s question, according to Golf Digest.

That’s what Woods did after shooting a 3-over 73 on Friday. Combined with his 2-over performance in Round One, Tiger missed the cut Friday evening for the 2019 PGA Championship by one stroke and finished a stunning 17 shots behind tournament leader Brooks Koepka.

Considering Tiger’s track record at this particular venue, along with the fanfare around him, the two-day result could be looked at as a huge letdown. But, notes Golf Digest, every story comes with different perspectives.

When it appeared that he was about to be asked if his lack of practice was a factor in his performance, Tiger nipped that line of questioning in the bud, noting: “You know, I’m the Masters champion at 43 years old, and that’s a pretty good accomplishment.” As comebacks go, a hole-in-one.

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