Aaron Rodgers Puts Off Darkness Retreat to Blast Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter 

Though it was believed the Packers QB was going on a darkness retreat, he put it off to blast two major NFL reporters

Aaron Rodgers of the Packers warms up before a game.
Aaron Rodgers has not entered the darkness, yet.
Patrick McDermott/Getty

The day after the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers was supposed to “walk into the darkness, beginning a four-day stay in isolation that will go a long way toward shaping the quarterback landscape this offseason,” according to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport.

Speaking on Tuesday from his Malibu home and clearly not on the darkness retreat he spoke about embarking on the week before, Rodgers told his buddies on The Pat McAfee Show that Rapoport and ESPN insider Adam Schefter “don’t know shit.”

Rodgers, who is deciding whether he wants to stay with the Green Bay Packers, request a trade or simply retire instead of returning for his 19th NFL season, said last week that he was going to spend four days in darkness in a one-room house in order to find an answer about his future. He apparently didn’t say exactly when the soul-searching mission was going to begin and was miffed that Rapoport reported the journey was set to start on Monday following SB LVII.

“There’s an inner circle and in my inner circle, nobody talks to Ian Rapoport [or] Adam Schefter or to any of those people,” Rodgers said via MassLive.com. “Just stop with the fake news. I speak for myself and I will continue to do that. I have no problem with Ian Rapoport, [Adam] Schefter, I think they’re really good at their jobs. When it comes to me, they don’t know shit. They really don’t. They don’t have people in my inner circle who are sources. I can promise you that. Anybody who would talk to them is not in my inner circle. It’s that simple. So I’ve had this plan on the books for four months, for the same time. When someone like that goes on and says something that’s not true it creates a story that’s bullshit and it just keeps on going and going and going…Nothing against Rapoport, but he doesn’t have anybody who knows legitimately what’s going on in my life.”

Is Aaron Rodgers Trolling Us With His “Darkness Retreat” Plan?
The 39-year-old claims he has not decided if he will play football in 2023

Why exactly the 39-year-old is so upset that Rapoport reported he’d be in a dark room Monday through Thursday as opposed to another period of time is unclear. It’s possible Rodgers really was scheduled to head into the darkness on Monday and then changed plans following Rapoport’s report. It’s also possible he never really intended to sit in a dark room for 96 hours and this is his way of changing the narrative and making that story fade away. No matter what, Rodgers needs to decide what he’s doing soon as the new league year and free agency are set to begin in a month on March 15.

Perhaps he already knows…

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