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Original Nomad’s Collapsible Hot Tub

  • 09 April 2014

Man goes into the woods. Pitches tent, builds fire, cooks meat.

And then?

Soaks in hot tub.

Introducing The Original Nomad, purveyors of one highly portable, campsite-friendly hot tub.

It’s pretty simple.

Assemble the tub near a ready supply of water (unless you feel like bucket-brigading 200 gallons). Attach Nomad’s propane or firewood fueled heater coil. Fill ‘er up. Light the burner. Let things simmer for a bit.

Climb in.

The water’s circulated using convection — thanks, thermodynamics — meaning no moving parts to maintain.

As for transport, the tub collapses to a highly manageable sixteen inches by sixteen inches and stows nicely into its custom wet-bag.

The coil's footprint is smaller still.

All that’s left is to add bodies and a starry night.

Happy camping.

Nota bene: The guys at Nomad like Honda’s WX10 water pump for filling their tub, and they’ve clocked it at ten minutes.

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