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Outer space or Outer Sunset: This is the jacket

  • 03 February 2014

If we're to believe the sunglassed troubadours of old, space can be a cold place to hang on a Tuesday night.

Much like our fair city.

Stave off the year-round chill with a toasty Space Jacket, courtesy hometown-hero Betabrand and their crowdfunded skunkworks, available now for pre-order.

Designed by Steven B. Wheeler, a lifelong fan of the space program and North Face vet, this jacket’s more than a contemporary paean to NASA’s glory days — it’s also built from performance materials and designed for the real world.

Where looks matter as much as function.

Weight: light. Puffiness: restrained. Insulation: warm. Cut: flattering.

Meaning you'll be cozy and Instagram-worthy whether you’re on the town, in the woods, or strumming a uke on the International Space Station.

Fully funded, Beta's finalizing the manufacturing particulars as you read. Claim yours and you'll be near-Earth-orbit-ready in a few months.

If you're into the colorways of less local space agencies — China, perhaps — we're told the next wave may be more your speed, but for now those patches are velcro fixed and open for substitution.

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780 Valencia St.

Between 18th and 19th

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