Save Fuel, Save Money, Destroy Your Friends
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Save Fuel, Save Money, Destroy Your Friends

GoFar offers all 3 in 1.

  • 22 May 2015

Muni: still the only place your correspondent has ever seen someone smoke crack.

Which is why we recommend the personal automobile in this town — even if the guys who make it their business to know say we’ve got the seventh-worst commute in the world.

For a device that promises to make that commute a little more tolerable (at least on your wallet): GoFar.

Designed by an Aussie team with its U.S. headquarters in S.F., GoFar analyzes your driving style and signals you when you’re in the zone of optimized fuel consumption.

The device glows blue when you’re doing well, red when you’re not. (Or, as the team behind GoFar says: “The display works like F1 shift-lights.”)

Incremental adjustments should lead to significant savings — both for your wallet and the environment, in terms of reduced emissions.

Our favorite feature: it’s gamified, giving you the chance to compete for the title of most efficient driver against your friends.

Set lasers to stun and destroy them.

Just more reason to skip the bus.

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Ready, steady, go. 

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