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This Is NSFW

You can thank Dan Savage for it.

  • 20 February 2015

Amateur porn has its place.

Thanks to everybody’s favorite slap-and-tickle columnist Dan Savage, that place is the Roxie next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

His HUMP! Festival of porn-centric short films thus returns to our fair city, bringing with it “Cyclust,” “Twincest,” “Art Primo,” several pieces with names that shouldn’t be repeated in polite company, and something involving a karaoke session that ends in “a big, naked shower orgy.”

All in all, you’ll have 18 films to sample, running the breadth of the sexual spectrum.

None of them are available online, but you can get a peek at a couple of them on HUMP’s Instagram.

Tickets are somehow still available for about half of next week’s screenings.

You want to organize yourself, pronto.

Of the eight cities on the tour, the only sold-out dates are in San Francisco.

Do our city proud.

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