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Crowsflight: It's the best compass you could ask for

  • 06 August 2013

San Francisco has many charms. Logical street grids are not among them.

Take, for example, the inexplicable logic of 3rd intersecting 16th, which – like a ‘90s one-hit wonder – can get you all krossed up.

Enter Crowsflight, a profoundly elegant wayfinding app that simply points you in the direction of your intended destination. Like a compass, but better.

Crowsflight is basically a bright, yellow beacon that says "Go that-a-way." It tells you just enough to get you headed in the right direction and get your phone back in your pocket where it belongs.

Crowsflight Screenshots

Crowsflight was built by the Brooklyn design duo CW&T; their goal was a navigation app without the extra weight, something that could tell you the way home no matter where on Earth you were.

Less atlas. More compass.

Finally, something from New York that’s more useful than a Williamsburg comparison.

The Specifics


Free app. 99¢ upgrade for unlimited saved locations.

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