It's Not Too Late to Book Your Fourth of July Getaway

From $45-a-night to way, way more

By Diane Rommel

It's Not Too Late to Book Your Fourth of July Getaway
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28 June 2017

It's not too late to get out of town for the Fourth of July. These eight spots are still available (for the moment), from a $45-a-night campsite to significantly more for a room at one of Napa's most luxurious resorts. Book soon — these won't last. 

The headline: 4WD Camp Near Yosemite
What you'll get: Off-roading on a 1000-acre ranch with dispersed, 4WD-access-only campsites: boulders to climb, bluffs to skirt, and rivers to swim.
Where you're headed: Coarsegold, CA
Sleeps: 6
What it'll cost: $86/night

The headline: Our Favorite Hotel in Napa
What you'll get: Anything you want, including hot air ballooning, hiking through vineyards, a 7000-square-foot spa, etc. 
Where you're headed: Rutherford, CA
Sleeps: 2
What it'll cost: $2,295/night

The headline: Campsite on 60 Acres of Woods
What you'll get: Hike through Gold Rush country near the American River, with tons of wildlife watching close at hand.
Where you're headed: Garden Valley, CA
Sleeps: 6
What it'll cost: $45/night

The headline: Horseback Riding on a Working Ranch
What you'll get: Riding lessons, skeet shooting, and more active pursuits on this ranch tucked into the Butte mountain range.
Where you're headed: Sutter, CA
Sleeps: 2
What it'll cost: $150/night

The headline: An Off-Grid Cabin on a Private Lake
What you'll get: Lots of privacy, on a 40-acre spread surrounded by forest land, plus catch-and-release trout and bass fishing.
Where you're headed: Lakeview, OR
Sleeps: 2
What it'll cost: $295/night

The headline: Glamping Next to a Waterfall
What you'll get: Two luxe tents provide sleeping space, flat-screen Netflix watching, and ample chilling-out room alongside the waterfall. 
Where you're headed: Penn Valley, CA
Sleeps: 4
What it'll cost: $437/night

The headline: Possibly the Best Full-On Resort in Northern California
What you'll get: This resort is totally dedicated to your kids, with a ton of special holiday weekend events including a barbecue, pony camp, and movie night. 
Where you're headed: Carmel, CA
Sleeps: 4
What it'll cost: $637/night

The headline: Adorable Cottage Along the River
What you'll get: Cabin Life — board games, river walks, hiking, and more — in a tidy cottage at the edge of the West Carson River.
Where you're headed: Markleeville, CA
Sleeps: 4
What it'll cost: $275/night

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