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Anzfer Farms: Signature wooden furnishings

  • 03 December 2013

The longer your tooth, the simpler your holiday reckoning: you don’t go to family, family comes to you.

Ensuring your home looks the part when they do: Anzfer Farms and their temporary shop in the Inner Richmond.

The handiwork of two redwood- and conifer-loving craftsmen, Anzfer blends reclaimed and natural woods with composites.

To create lamp centerpieces like this:

And dining tables with bright sluices of color:

Stop by their pop-up at 248 Clement for a closer look through the end of the month.

Then get to dusting off the welcome mat.

Nota bene: If you're the sort of man who prefers to make his furniture selections with a drink in hand, the boys will be hosting a soirée in the shop this Saturday from 2 to 8 p.m.

The Specifics

Anzfer Farms

Holiday Pop-Up
248 Clement Street
between 3rd and 4th
(415) 830-4821

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