Leather Goods for All the Things You Carry
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Leather Goods for All the Things You Carry

In one place. And made in SF.

  • 24 June 2015

Sometimes you find a perfectly made accessory.

The Futugami bottle opener.

The Waltzing Matilda travel bag.

The Postalco key holder.  

And sometimes, you find a bunch of them at once. In the same place.

That place: Scout.

Designed and produced in S.F., Scout Leather Co. makes high-quality leather goods that wear hard and age well. Just rub on a dollop of Neatsfoot Oil and they’ll be primed for a proper patina.

Our top pick?

Their new limited-edition hammered keychain/bottle opener.

We also like:

Always prepared, indeed.

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The Specifics

Scout Leather Co.

Leather greats. 

Check it out

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