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Snow Problem

Snow's here. You need boots. Get these.

  • 18 December 2013

Hey you with the soggy, snow-broken brogues. Yeah you, the guy who swore he wouldn't have soggy, snow-broken brogues again (Not again, dammit!) because he was going to get more appropriate footwear. Well lad, it’s that time again. Make good on your word. Here are your three go-to options:

The Natty Boot

SWIMS come from the arctic hinterlands of Norway, where they know a thing or two about crap weather. For days when a pair of their rubber galoshes over your wingtips won’t cut it, there’s the Harry Boot – a smart lace-up of water-resistant poly-canvas with a rubber “belt” to keep out the elements and beefy tread to keep you upright on icy sidewalks.

$230 | Buy online

The Slick Sneaker

For keeping it casual: Scottish weather-defiers
Hunter have taken the waterproof technology of their ubiquitous rubbery wellies (thank you, Kate Mossand applied it to a streamlined streetwear sneaker. Think of these as a cross between a pair of Vans and a set of Goodyears.

$115 | Buy online

The Lightweight Workhorse

When the wintry mix really hits the snowblower, there’s no substitute for a quality duck boot. Native’s Jimmy boot bests its more pricey brethren for three very key reasons:

1. Dropping only $90 means you can plunge your feet into the most Stygian curbside lagoons without a second thought.

2. They’re 100% machine washable. Try that with your L.L. Beans.

3. At less than a pound they weigh a fraction of the competition – seriously, so light it’s a little spooky.

$90 | Buy online

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