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New York life explained. Because tourists.

  • 18 April 2014

Slow walkers. Subway pole huggers. Motherf*!%ing sidewalk solicitors.

New York is not a city without its fair share of scourges.

But here’s how you navigate them, and with aplomb: waggish NYC artist Nathan W. Pyle’s NYC: Basic Tips and Etiquette, available now.

Pyle’s animated doodles provide hilariously droll tips on how to be a New Yorker worth his quick-strolling salt — e.g., riding the subway effectively (hint: it does not involve spicy pad Thai).

Also: avoiding the “Garbage Scent Death Zone” and how to use an unaware stranger as a human shield in the event of aforementioned solicitors.

There’s even a tip on avoiding a lesser known eyeglasses scam that, full disclosure, your correspondent totally fell for in his early Big Apple days.

Pyle’s work is available both as a printed book guaranteed to start convos whenever someone sits down at your coffee table, or as an animated e-book for iPhone and iPad. (Ed. note: check out a collection of Pyle’s animations here; tres comical. Also beware: the iPhone version is hard to read.)

And should you want a more wearable version of Pyle’s humor, you can cop his cheeky tee designs on Woot and Threadless.

Oh and by the way, this book makes for a great gift, or for explaining New York to people when you don’t want to, like, explain it to them.

See you on the sidewalk, pal.

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