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Your Holiday GIF Guide

Why? Because no man should be without retorts.

  • 24 December 2013

The Internet, like the overcaffeinated Pomeranian it is, has been yippy with GIFs all year long.

Why do you care? Because they make for brilliant, ready-to-paste rejoinders in any email conversation. Borrowing Hamlet: brevity is the soul of GIF.

Our workhorse favorites are below. Use them well this holiday season and beyond.

For when you have a slight difference of opinion:

For emphasis:

For when you're offering hugs, condescending or otherwise:

For when you wish to indicate your approval of an imminent social function at which you will "boogie down”:

For when somebody makes an obvious and overly pedantic point which, despite its logical certitude, does nothing to increase your respect for whoever wrote the simpering drivel. Or you're just jamming out.

For taunts:

For when you're getting busy: 

For when, just because, like, wow: 

For staying calm and collected:

For when you're so sad that your friend has to work late but c'mon Chad, grow a pair:

For sincere ovation:

For respect:

For when you're on your way:

For toasts. Cheers:

The Specifics

Holiday GIF Guide

They're free. Free and funny.

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