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Talk to Me, Goose

Goose Barnacle: Rare menswear for your closet

  • 23 June 2014

Being stylish often means stocking one’s bureau with the under-the-radar brands.

Problem is, most shops carrying said brands tend to be, shall we say, a tad aloof. Intimidating. Churlish, even.

Not so here: Goose Barnacle, a menswear oasis of hard-to-find gear run by a thoroughly affable gent happy to steer you through unfamiliar sartorial waters.

Owner David Alperin is NYC born-and-bred and spent many years traveling abroad, keeping his eyes on menswear trends near and far.

As such, he’s become a bit of an expert on cool — both foreign and domestic.

This means he knows that a tailored crewneck sweatshirt from NYC’s Dana Lee pairs well with limited-edition Italian leather sneakers. That GB’s signature photo tee works great with just-enough-stretch Swedish denim. That Illesteva shades look nice on a desk, but nicer next to a Pat Kim wooden rocket.

And getting your learn on from Alperin is as chill as it is useful — he’ll get to know not just your sizes and prefs, but what you already own and how to build on it. He’ll make recommendations on new brands.

Hell, give him a proper heads-up and he’ll even open the shop early if you need it.

Churlish? Certainly not.

Nota bene: Alperin’s shop also doubles as a gallery. He’s having an opening Wednesday night. Cocktails. Go meet him.

The Specifics

Goose Barnacle

91 Atlantic Ave.
b/t Hicks and Henry
(718) 855-2694

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