15 Late-Night NYC Spots Where 4 A.M. Is But a Number

It's called the city that never sleeps for a reason

Whether you’re an extrovert, a night owl or just plain need to blow off some steam, few cities are as alive after midnight as New York City.

Hence, this very important dossier: the 15 late-night venues where the cool kids are cutting up a rug.

Spoiler alert: usual suspects like 1Oak, Cielo and Marquee — they of the block-long lines and bubblegum music — are not included.

And remember: don’t wear sneakers, go with a woman, bring cash and use our name at the door.

For the crowd that goes to Art Basel … just not for the art
The Blond
The Blond is our new favorite late-night playground. Located inside the 11 Howard hotel, expect an older crowd of power-players with models aplenty mooching off their bottle service. The dance floor is small, but the music is irresistible. 

For feeling classy but acting brassy
From the Quality Eats team, a club that lives up to its name in the literal: everything is square, from the high-minded design to the eats. The venue features live music most night, then things over to a DJ for the no-doze crowd. And you can get a bottle of Veuve accompanied with Veuve Clicquot ice cubes.

For anyone who celeb-spots but would never ask for a picture with one
East Village
Four levels of ‘70s-inspired goodness with music curated by Adrien Grenier. Owner James Morrisey, also of the Late Late, has created an ambitious space with an unpretentious vibe and tableside mixology to boot. Plus there’s a rope swing.

For the dance-like-no-one’s-watching set
Rumpus Room
Lower East Side
If you want one of those nights where you dance until you sweat through your shirt, look no further.

For people who are good at skipping lines
Electric Room
Used to be the toughest door in town. It’s getting a bit easier, but it would help to know someone. Secretive and very sexy. There’s a lot of leather and a high possibility of losing track of time (or your mind) in the best possible way. Doesn’t get going until at least midnight and occasionally never ends.

For pool sharks in sharkskin suits
Rose Bar
Still and always an excellent place to get fancy and a little randy. And there’s a pool table.

For being rich — or faking it
PH-D at Dream Downtown
The best combination of views and beats in town. Yes, the drinks are expensive. It’s not your local watering hole.

For anyone seeking one of those May-December arrangements
Up & Down
West Village
Splashy and buzzy, with a crowd veering to the younger side. The door is tough and the bouncers less-than-chatty, but, hey, they’re just doing their job. 

For movers, shakers and night creatures alike
Paul’s Casablanca
Nightlife hero Paul Sevigny can do no wrong. There’s a different music genre every night, with a heavy dose of The Smiths. It’s got a dandy Moroccan theme and also packs like a can of sardines — but lovely, friendlier-than-usual sardines.

For those adept at using Google Maps
Black Flamingo
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Tucked away under a vegan Latin restaurant in the Williamsburg hinterlands is a small dance floor and DJ booth. But this place pops off, even on a Tuesday. They recently lost their minds and started charging $20 at the door for what feels like a party in your parent’s basement. But if you can stomach it, it’s a solid place to get down.

For … well, something. Because people love it.
East Village
I never quite understood why this place is so beloved, but it still very much is. They’ll happily hold a line of 100 outside in winter when there are only five people inside. But if you’re looking to break some hearts, the wait will be worth it.

For anyone who somehow made a lot of money after they gave up skateboarding
The Flower Shop
Lower East Side
There’s a high concentration of Aussies and an even higher dollop of fine ladies. There’s no dancefloor to speak of, but there is a pool table and loads of lounging room.

For anyone stretched beforehand
Good Room
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
This place has become a real gem. The acts rolling through are top notch, and there’s plenty of room to move. If you want to shake tailfeathers, shake them here.

For seven-nights-a-week ravers and rooftop dance parties
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
A converted warehouse turned dance club. No bottle service, which has its merits but also its rubs. On the bright side, it’s ticketed just about every night, so no bouncer can tell you to take a hike. 

For bragging rights
La Milagrosa Agave Bar and Listening Room
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hidden behind a fridge door, there’s a club. I’m told you’re supposed to make reservations, making it super exclusive, but I’ve yet to find that to be the case. But it does have the “Don’t tell anyone else this is here” vibe, so for this one, don’t tell ‘em who sent you.


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