These 7 NYC Boat Rentals Will Cover Every Maritime Occasion

From cruising to casting lines to cannonballing

July 20, 2018 9:00 am

From English poet John Masefield (who desired naught in life but “a tall ship and a star to steer her by”) to Dennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, every guy has his reasons for wanting a boat.

But a small inconvenience tends to get in the way of actually living the life aquatic: paying north of $50k to acquire one.

Enter Boatsetter, the rental company that mitigates this problem by letting you and your mates enjoy a day on the water for a fraction of the cost of ownership. Plus, if your helmsmanship skills are a little rusty (or non-existent), you can hire your own Captain Ron to guide you and your crew on the journey.

But having a cool boat for the wrong activity is just as bad as not having one at all.

Luckily, we’ve already done the navigation for you. Below, you’ll find seven great options near NYC, as organized by the type of waterfaring activity each is best suited for.

I mean … just look at her. Seventy feet of luxury yacht that can sleep six anglers and comes with a host and hostess. They’ll clean the fish for you. But if that’s just too rich for your blood, might we recommend the diesel-powered Drunken Engineer. It’s all the sporty goodness one needs for chasing (fish) tails big and small, with room for 12 buddies and waterskis in tow.

If you’re not celebrating on a boat, you’re doing it wrong. But let me tell you something I learned fast about sailing: it’s more fun with someone else at the helm. Thankfully, this classic rig comes complete with a captain and 72 feet of pristine deck space for 28 people and a cocktail program to boot. And to take things full sheikh status, there’s the ultra-handsome 92-footer named Justine. Prepare for the Fortune 500 of yacht outings.

The breathtaking Tenacious is a world-class beauty with rich Scandinavian wood on deck and a plus, no-expenses-spared cabin below. The heavy ballast is good for those who have yet to grow fully into their sea legs and provides high-performance and an ultra smooth ride on the high seas.

Whether you’re wakeboarding, tubing or just looking to throw back a few cold ones with the boys, you don’t need a large boat. They’ll be more turbulent and less comfortable for the people attached to a rope hurtling behind you at 36 miles per hour. Smaller craft are capable of cutting through the water with less of a wake, and thus tend to keep your friends in tow from wiping out. The best pick for such an occasion? The Marlago, hands down.

Some opt for the boats straight out of a rap video. No judgment — adventure comes in all shapes and sizes. But if it’s refinement you seek, then refinement you will get. The Eastern Star is an 85-foot stunner primed for donning bespoke suits and dining like a veritable Rock Hudson.

Bon voyage.


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