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Whip Smart

Eye-catching and rugged bags from Whipping Post

  • 22 January 2014

Your father’s generation built goods to last a lifetime.

These days, we tend to be on more of a two-year plan (Exhibit A: your iPhone).

So it’s worth noting when you can carry something that you can pass along to your son.

And y’know, fits in the overhead bin.

That would be the Whipping Post Military Duffle bag, available now.

Built by NYC’er Ryan Barr and inspired by his father’s Vietnam tour duffle (and the Allman Brothers), this is an eye-catching leather take on a military classic.


Crafted from supple veg-tanned leather, the carry-on duffel lets the design and the materials do the heavy work. No big logos, few visible stitches ... and no zipper.

Just fold and clip to close.

“The main failure point on most bags is the zipper,” Barr explains. “This bag won’t fall apart at the stress points.”

He adds: “That’s actually why we’re called Whipping Post — it’s about goods that can take a hell of a lot of abuse.”

Treat it well, ramblin’ man.

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