This Campervan Has More Hidden Storage Than a Trojan Horse

Disclaimer: Border crossings may be a bit of a hassle

By Reuben Brody

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05 December 2016

It's no secret that Australians love to travel.

Given their cumulative hours on the road, it stands to reason that they’d make one helluva campervan.

And Down Under-based Trakka has achieved just that with their new VW T6 Transporter.

Dubbed the Trakkadu, this aftermarket campervan has been made more rugged with an elevated clearance, thicker Goodyear tires, a brushguard and four-wheel drive.

And since space saving is key when adventuring, the back seat is a bench that reclines into a full-sized mattress. The Trakkadu also has discreet floor storage on both sides along with additional compartments in the galley, while the meal/card table can be attached in such a way that you can slide it around to reorient the space.

The back has an outdoor shower hook-up, an awning and a system for drying wet clothes and wetsuits. There are solar panels for energy and a wastewater tank for the kitchen sink, so you’re not harming the earth.

After all, you’re taking only memories and leaving only footprints.

Or in this case, tire tracks.

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