This Handsome Desert Boot Packs Down to Almost Nothing

It’s the perfect weekend travel shoe

By Kirk Miller

This Handsome Desert Boot Packs Down to Almost Nothing
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28 October 2016

Your throw-everything-in-a-duffel-and-get-the-hell-out-of-town plans have a problem (beyond excessive hyphens).

Your shoes.

A quick and timely escape can be easily scuppered by bulky footwear (especially if you’re trying to stuff three pairs into a weekender).

This is where Hobes comes in. A just-relaunched line of men’s footwear from Australia, Hobes has created the ultimate travel shoe.

It looks dapper in any situation, won’t weigh you down — on your feet or in your bag — and packs down to practically nothing.

Hobes has been successful for a while as a women’s shoe entity. Their men’s line, however, just underwent a major facelift (er, footlift?).

The shoe is basically a contemporary take on a classic desert boot, hand-stitched in Italian suede with a crepe rubber sole. Folds up neatly to about a quarter of the size when you’re not using ‘em. Weighs less than 500 grams. And, as we noticed in our test run, works best without socks.

In fall, they’re a great crossover between casual and more formal ensembles. If you’re traveling, you can get away with these being your only pair — though they also work as a hidden backup in your duffel.

Available in black, tan, navy and charcoal, the shoes start at a lightweight $159.

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