Man, You're Great at Shuffling Cards and WAIT IS THAT A THIRD THUMB?

Yeah, it's a Bluetooth-enabled prosthetic digit. What of it?

By Reuben Brody

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10 July 2017

The opposable thumb is a key characteristic for us humans. 

It lets us touch other fingers on the same hand, which allows you the grasp things. It also helps you  reach peace via that gian mudra sign you make before saying om.

But imagine what you could do with an extra thumb. Royal College of Art student Dani Clode did just that when she designed the Third Thumb, a prosthetic that’s worn like a bracelet around the user’s wrist.

third thumb (3 images)

The user controls the device by moving their foot, which sends the information through a Bluetooth sensor to the wrist. It can pick up a ball and even do complex movements like play notes on a guitar.

Clode used a resin-based 3-D printer to make the item, which she debuted at the RCA graduate exhibition.

No awards have been given yet, but she's gets two thumbs way up from us. 

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