The One Bag You’ll Carry Forever

The Cabin Duffle: Your new bag for life

By The Editors

The One Bag You’ll Carry Forever
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22 December 2015

Your go-to bag should be like your go-to T-shirt.

Comfortable. Goes well with anything. And you can pack it up and get moving at a moment’s notice.

Your moment is here: introducing the Cabin Duffle, a flattering, durable and smart travel bag perfect for all your wayfaring needs, available now for preorder.

The smart part? A hidden system of organizers that’ll end panic rummaging.

The origins of the Cabin are pretty straightforward: “I never had a go-to weekend bag I could rely on,” explains Cabin Duffle founder Ben Cunha. “And more times than not, I ended up leaving something behind.”

Based in Portland, Cunha looked both home and abroad for his inspiration. “My idea for Cabin sparked during a trip to Europe,” he says. “I was wandering into random designer boutique stores taking pictures of bags, feeling materials and noting designs. I’m no Italian designer, so I took what I observed in Europe and stuck with what I knew: the Northwest.”

Designed for “weekend adventurers, well-seasoned travelers and never-too-organized commuters,” the Cabin Duffle is barrel-shaped with leather accents, brass feet, a water-resistant coating, a double-stitched waxed sailcloth body and a grab handle on the side.

It’s eye-catching, and truly shines in the details.

Most useful: the four detachable Cabin Travelers, essentially bundled pouches that organize your most immediate needs (toothbrushes, headphones, passports, etc.) and snap easily into the bag’s interior. They feature bright, easy-to-find orange handles so you can locate and pull them out quickly.

Meaning: no more rummaging.

The Cabin is available in two colors, Timberland Green or Delta Black. Only $89 for preorder (the pouches are extra), the bags will ship in April.

And coming up: more color combos and patterns, plus tech accessories for iPhones and iPads, and possibly backpacks and clothing.

Comforting thoughts all around.

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