The ‘Newspaper Club' Will Make You a Newspaper About Anything, On Demand

It's like your own personal Johannes Gutenberg

By Tanner Garrity

The ‘Newspaper Club' Will Make You a Newspaper About Anything, On Demand
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28 March 2018

The world: “Print is dead.”

New startup the Newspaper Club: “Hold our beer.”

The UK-based company is  essentially your personal Gutenberg, a demand-driven printing press that can comfortably (and beautifully) print desired text, photos and designs on a wide range of hard-copy finished products.

With varied sizing options (“Broadsheet”; “Tabloid”; “Mini”), customers can use the website’s design platform ARTHR to upload photos and text and then lay out their very own newspaper. The website is also compatible with personal software, in case you’re a design wiz and need a little more room to stretch the legs.

Customers have used the service
as an out-of-the-box way to distribute wedding-day snaps, make comics or impress a hiring manager. You know how people often express being impressed by the personal touch of a handwritten note? Amplify that tenfold.

And prices are surprisingly reasonable — five copies of a personal portfolio will run you $40-60.

The site is also, of course, a great opportunity for a small-game newspaper or zine looking to get off the ground with the help of a relatively cheap, easy and hassle-free operation. For those in that arena, Newspaper Club does a “Traditional” paper option (industrial-size) and supplies all sorts of info on bulk ordering here.

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