Yeah but Is Your Van Also a Mountain Bike Jump?

That's breaking ground, even for #vanlife

By Reuben Brody

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18 May 2017

There must be some connection with skateboarders and mountain bikers and minds with a knack for mechanics and engineering — at very least, it's constantly surprising how involved the jumps, ramps and obstacles these athletes can invent are.

Case in point: Professional mountain biker Rob Heran has actually gone so far as to convert his van into a ramp for shredding on the go. In the above video he divulges the nuts and bolts of his retooled VW Syncro, which he purchased from the German military.

The biggest mods are the addition of the GMB roof rack, which he can not only outfit with a two-person inflatable Heimplanet tent, but also, crucially, the custom ramp/kicker that lowers from the side and gives enough support for him to use his van as a bike ramp, basically.

This is all for his web show, Syncronicles, in which he travels from Europe to Northern Africa in pursuit of the world’s best trails, , it' that if he's driving though a cool terrain, he can pull over and make the most of the terrain.

Take a gander at the episode below. It's highly entertaining, if a little envy-inducing.

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