The Perfect Gift for Pyromaniacs obviously this handheld flamethrower

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The Perfect Gift for Pyromaniacs
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04 December 2015

Everybody has at least one friend who's nearly blow a finger off or otherwise caused himself bodily harm playing with fireworks, homemade torches or other garden-variety pyromaniacal plaything.

We found a gift for that friend: Pyro Mini, a handheld flamethrower from magician's supply company Ellusionist.

"This is not a toy," they warn. "This is a badass device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open palm."

More discreet, easier to use and cheaper than big brother Pyro, the Mini is also equipped with some tricky new features that set it apart from your average handheld flamethrower.

Like: USB charging, a detachable wriststrap, increased signal range (you can set up Piro Mini up to 30 feet away from your person and discharge it via remote) and a "burst fire" mode that allows you to shoot multiple fireballs at once. 

Happy Hadouken-ing.

Pyro Mini by Ellusionist3:01

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Pyro Mini

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